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Colors of Us

Shreyans Jain

Date - 01/03/2018
Every individual we meet has a favorite color. Some like their shirts in pitch black while others prefer their cars shining white. What is it about a particular color that pulls you towards it? Well, it has got to do something with your personality.

A person's favorite color can reveal more about them than their kundli. Our choice of colors affect our choices right from our food to our homes. For instance, swearing by their love for red, some people paint their home radiant red inside. These kind of people are fiery, enthusiastic and ambitious. While a few others like to see sunlight shine on a spotless yellow wall. Such type is generally optimistic and playful. A friend of mine has painted her entire bedroom grass green and her love for mountain adventures is secret to nobody. Your home is an extended part of your personality. It represents who you are. This is why interior designing is of great importance to people.

We Indians also associate color with the most energetic festivals of all: Holi. Come to think of it, Holi is like a representation of life itself. Everybody brings in their own color i.e. personality and color us with it. This is why we don't remain the way we were born. The way I see it, we all are colored with each other. Holi reminds us of that. Once you are drenched in beautiful colors of Holi, no matter what your orginal color was, everybody becomes equal. Holi paints us with many colors and yet colors us as just one. Ain't that a beautiful thought?!

This Holi lets slide out of house and grab handful of our favorite color. Lets dress our worst, go howling in the field and let go of maturity for a while. Every moment has validity of just a moment. Lets enjoy it before it goes by.

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